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The purpose behind Via Headphones is to bring you up-to-date news on your favorite artists, bands, and music inspired clothing and accessory companies.

Thank You.

I’ve finally found out what most of you are interested in and that’s some good ol’ Avenged Sevenfold news. Well, don’t stray too far. Via Headphones has always brought you the news on “All Excess” and the soon to be released “Avenged Sevenfold” before anyone! And, we’re going to continue to. On August 8th when we released the brand new song “Almost Easy” you guys came to check it out and we hit near 400 hits. That’s huge for a little music news blog.

If you are a fan thank you for coming to get all the news first here and I hope you continue to stay to get more and read up on some other bands you’d like. And for all you non-fans, thank you for filtering out and sticking to the bands you like to hear about. If there’s anyone youd like to see covered here that we dont cover much please comment and let me know!

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