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The Receiving End Of Sirens Sing Behind The Record.

Starting tomorrow, The Receiving End Of Sirens will be releasing a “Behind The Record” clip of the band discussing one song from the record. The songs will be talked about in tracklisting order. Every member of the band has put together their personal thoughts on writing and recording each song which they hope will help fans understand the process of the album and lyrical and song meanings.

However, they wont only be putting up their personalized entires on each song but they will be putting up a 30 seconds clip of the song of the day. The release schedule for each is below:

1. Swallow People Whole – 7.26.07
2. Oubliette – 7.27.07
3. The Crop and The Pest – 7.28.07
4. The Salesman, The Husband, The Lover – 7.29.07
5. Smoke and Mirrors – 7.30.07
6. ;A Realization of the Ear – 7.31.07
7. Saturnus – 8.1.07
8. Wanderers – 8.2.07
9. Stay Small – 8.3.07
10. Music of the Spheres – 8.4.07
11. The Heir of Empty Breath – 8.5.07
12. Pale Blue Dot – 8.6.07

8-7-07: “The Earth Sings Me Fa Mi”


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