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Dallas Leaves Greeley Estates; Alex Torres Is In.

Below is an announcement from Greeley Estates regarding the departure of Dallas and their new vocalist Alex Torres and their search for a new bass player:

“As most of you know, Dallas needed to take a break from touring over the past couple months. Do to the continued circumstances, Dallas is unable to continue touring. He will be involved with the album this summer…so don’t fret.

If anyone has seen us in the past month or two, you would have met Alex Torres. Alex has been a major help to this band. He came in as a touring guitar player, but earned his spot as an official member. We’re excited to have Alex aboard!

Now, for some other BIG news…we have a show on June 20th at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona. This will be Dallas’ final show with the band. To make the show even MORE of a big deal, Josh (our last bass player: you all know him and love him, haha!) will be playing the show!!!! This show will be a very special night, so make sure to come out and give Dallas a huge hug! We will miss his phenomenal guitar shreddage and his hilarious antics!! There’s never a dull moment when hanging out with our boy Dallas. He’ll be sending out an official to all the fans in the next few weeks.

We are also in the process of looking for a new bass player. We’re set for the summer, but the new dude will start rockin’ with us by fall. Good times!”


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