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As I Lay Dying Talk About New Album And Changing Bass Players.

Below you can read an update from As I Lay Dying regarding their new album “An Ocean Between Us” and their switch in bass players:

“We just got back from our recent tour and it’s good to be home where we’ll start hearing the final mixes for our new record. The new album is called “AN OCEAN BETWEEN US” and it is currently being mixed by Colin Richardson. It’s been a great experience working with Colin. So far he’s done a great job and I know it’s not easy trying to make all of us happy! For those of you who haven’t heard, the ablum was produced by Adam D. out here in our home town of San Diego. We also want to thanks Adam for the long days and nights that he put into this recording.

Regarding the new CD… I know a lot of you have been asking what is going on with the bass guitar. So, to make it official (and clear up any rumors), here’s the story:

While we were writing for the new CD, Clint decided that it was time for him to pursue a career that he will be doing for the rest of his life. He got married about a month ago and now he’s going to school to prepare for new things at home. All of us are very happy for him and we had a great time at his wedding last month.

The situation was good timing for all of us. We were between tours and writing the new material. The four of us (Phil, Nick, Jordan and I) felt good about songwriting since nothing in that process would change whether Clint was in the band or not.

Shortly after we had finished writing, we had a chance to finish trying out new guys. Josh Gilbert ended up not only being the tightest bass player with the best voice, but he also has become a good friend in the time that we’ve spent with him on tour together. Josh played and sang phenomenally on the new recording and it feels good to have the person performing on our record be the same person who will be singing those songs live.”


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