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I Killed The Prom Queen Set The Record Straight.

Below is a message from new Bleeding Through guitarst Jona (ex-I Killed The Prom Queen) about the break up of I Killed The Prom Queen:

“i (jona) have received numerous messages from people asking me why i ruined/broke up iktpq.

i just typed this as a response to one of the many message’s i have received about iktpq’s breakup and figured i would put it in a bulletin so everyone knows the story.

I had devoted the last 7 years of my life to iktpq. i started the band with JJ when i was almost 18 years old and now i am 24.

we all sacrificed having normal jobs and ever having money for iktpq. and after 7 years we had 5 different singers, 5 different guitarists and 3 different bass players.

after Ed quit the band we tried to find a new singer. we took 2 different guys on 2 tours and we auditioned several others. in our position we knew we had to find someone better than our previous vocalists and after a few months of searching we couldnt find anyone. we could not afford to get someone else from overseas as it cost us too much money and there just wasnt the right person in australia.

during our european tour i found out that bleeding through needed a second guitarist. i offered to play for them knowing that they were a successful band and that iktpq were not looking like continuing for more than a few months.

i told jj, kev and sean that i would continue to play and write with them. i also said that if they didnt want that or didnt think it was possible then i would do everything i could to help them find a replacement guitarist and vocalist and i would continue to manage iktpq.

the four of us together decided that after 7 years and millions of obstacles that it was time to do something new.

so to anyone who wants to have a whine about iktpq breaking up, think about all the shit that the four of us went through before you open your mouth.”


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