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The Fall Of Manipulator.

It seems as though The Fall Of Troy’s liner notes are wrong:

“I am looking at the Manipulator artwork right now. There has been a CRITICAL typo in the liner notes…

One of our oldest, dearest, most talented friends Nouela Johnston sang backup vocals on the following songs:

Cut Down All The Trees and Name The Streets After Them
The Dark Trail
Quarter Past
Oh! The Casino!?

As well as any of the keyboard/organ parts you hear. She wrote all of the keyboard parts and arranged them.

I feel absolutely terrible about this typo. I did NOT play a note of keyboards on this record. She deserves 100% credit for her contribution to the completion of this record.

We hope to bring her out when we do a headlining tour supporting Manipulator in the coming months to perform with us.

We are deeply sorry to Nouela and to anyone that plans on purchasing or listening to the songs. We are going to do everything we can to get this changed before there is anymore pressed. Please repost this anywhere you can everyone!

Sincerely Yours,
Thomas J. Erak”


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