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From First To Last Track Vocals.

From First To Last have given a quick studio update on what’s been going on with them and the new album. You can read all about that below:

“In case you have been under a rock or incapitated somehow and haven’t had access to the internet, We have been in LA for the past couple months living in a home that doubles as a studio tracking guitars, bass and other craziness for our new record. We just recently finished tracking all the music for the new album and are moving on to vocals. I rented some mics and some studio gear, and we got some awesome sounds for matt’s voice today. We are all putting our heads together and working hard to make the vocals on this cd BAD ASS, and so far we are stoked on everything we have written and recorded. I know everyone is anxious to hear new songs, and as soon as we know when there will be streamable songs i will post about it and give everyone a heads up…we are making an entire album and its the first time we have ever done it all by ourselves so it will be a minute before new songs are online…please bare with us! This is the coolest thing i have ever done and I’m so excited for it to be finished…I’m am also excited about going back on tour this summer! We are gonna play as many old songs as we can and throw in some new songs for everyone to slam dance to.”


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