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The Movielife To Reunite? False.

Nightmare Of You have spoken out in regards to the rumors of The Movelife reuniting at at their LI show with I Am The Avalanche and Heavy Rescue.

“Hello everyone. People are starting to get the impression that The Movielife are going to be reuniting at this show. That is not the case. We wanted to make that clear right away because we don’t want you to get on a plane from god knows where and then fly to the show, only to be dissapointed. If The Movielife EVER did reunite, it would never be a secret. The fans would be the first people to know. The reason we formed this line-up for this show is because we are all still very close friends and thought it would be special to share the same stage together. We can assure you that The Movielife was a very special and important time in our lives, but you can also be doubly assured that we have all moved on. We are all quite passionate about what we are doing now, and our current bands are our priorities. With all of those things said, don’t believe the hype. 95 percent of what you read are rumors anyhow, and therefore hold no credibility; kinda like the New York Post and the E Channel. So I now ask of everyone: Together, lets rise off our couches, away from our computers and televisions. Lets go outside. There’s a sun out there, you know, unless of course you live in England. Computer gossip is so silly! We still love you though! Always have, always will.”


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