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Bring Me The Horizon Speak Out.

As reported by many web sites over the past few days Bring Me The Horizon front-man Oliver Sykes was arrested for allegedly pissing on a girl after she turned his advances down. Now, the band has spoken out on the incident:

“As many of you will already have heard there was an incident concerning the band on and around their tour bus in Nottingham in the early hours of Sunday Morning (8th April).

As to be expected, in the age of the internet and web boards, numerous versions of the alleged incident have been posted online – Bring me the Horizon and Visible Noise would like to clarify the situation.

Oli Sykes was arrested and will appear in court on Friday charged with allegedly urinating on a female fan inside the tour bus, which he strongly denies. Oli has not been charged, nor has ever been questioned or been under any suspicion of attacking the aforementioned female fan.

The alleged incident is being dealt with by the relevant authorities currently and a formal statement will be issued once Oli has attended his court appearance on Friday.”


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