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Tony Lovato Free Of Charges.

Tony Lovato (Mest / A Permanent Holiday) has been released from jail and the charges have been dropped.

Excerpt from the article:
“Sandi Gibbons, a spoksperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, said the matter was a clear case of self-defense. “We determined that the suspect and victim had dated the same girl back-and-forth for over a year,” Gibbons said. “There had been threats, and the victim sent several threatening messages to the suspect. Apparently, there was some mutual combat and Lovato attempted to separate himself from the victim when the victim challenged him to a fight. The victim followed Lovato to an isolated spot in the underground garage and tried to fight him. Lovato defended himself, and there was insufficient evidence to show that it was not a justifiable use of reasonable force in self-defense.”..”


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