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The Weakend Update.

Here as a major update from The Weakend:

“Let me clear the air before I begin… We have not broken up. Things are going to get rolling again, very, very soon. For those who did not know, Andrew has been on a four month long vacation to Alabama and will finally be returning to Michigan mid April. We will be playing shows again around the same time and cannot wait. We have some huge news for all of you guys who have been waiting for new material. We will be releasing a B-Sides/rarities album titled “How We Ruined Everything” in the coming months (ALL of our unreleased material, demos, OLD demos [pre “How Everyone Ruins Everything and Vice Versa”], and a surprise or two) It’s going to be a nice collection of everything from the birth of our band until the “scrapped” full length that didn’t see the light of day. There’s more! We’ve been feverishly working on a brand new full length album as well. We are deep into it and it’s definately coming along. I’m not going to say much more about it. You’ll just have to wait. Also! The new will be up sometime in the near future, too. Just keep checking back. For those who havn’t checked out our new demo, “Werewolves of Detroit,” do it now and turn it up! Thank you so much. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! Thank you everyone.”


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