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As Cities Burn Studio & Tour Update.

Below is a studio and tour update from As Cities Burn:

“alright everyone, we’re still rolling in the studio. in the next 10 days we’ll finish up vocals, guitars and all the extras for the record. the record is turning out amazing and we can’t wait to get it too you all!

we’ve begun posting tour dates for our april/may headlining tour with Cool Hand Luke and Olympia. there are more dates to come, so don’t stress out if you don’t see a town close to you on the list yet.

we’ve got our first pictures we’ve taken in nearly two years now posted on this account now. i know there was some confusion because of an article in the current HM Magazine.
we are now a 4 piece. aaron still plays drums, i’m playing bass, chris (the new guy) is playing guitar, and cody is playing guitar and doing all the singing.

we’re going to be playing tons of old stuff and some new stuff on this tour, cody and i will be tag teaming the vocals, but we’ll need your help live as well.”


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