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Update on Lydia’s Leighton.

A few days back Leighton of Lydia was rushed to the hospital due to internal bleeding in his stomach. Here’s an update on how he is doing:

“the internal bleeding is being caused by 3 ulcers inside is stomach, and the damage to the asophagus from the massive amounts of throwing up and dry heaving he was doing. early friday morning one of the ulcers burst and he had to go into emergency surgery to get it fixed up, he is now back in icu and last i heard is currently in stable condition. i wish i knew a little more, but his parents phones dont work in the hospital so we take the updates when we can get them. as soon as i hear more i will let you know. once again, thanks so much for all your support, thoughts and prayers, it really does mean the world to him and us.”

Let’s keep him in all of our prayers.


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