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Cobra Starship Departs From Show.

The following is a message from Cobra Starship about missing their frst show on the Cartel tour:

“Hey cobras!

We have some really sad news. We are going to have to miss the first show of the Cartel tour in North Carolina. Gabe had a family emergency and he had to go to Uruguay and won’t be back in time for the first show. We are really bummed and hope you don’t hold it against us. (VickyT especially since its her first show!) We promise we will make it up to you as we will be back on tour with ***, **** **, *** & **** **** and will definately hitting up North Carolina.
– Alex, Ryland, Nate and VickyT

P.S. – Rest of the country hit us up for the mario kart contest here.


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