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A Message From Killswitch Engage Regarding Postponed Tour Dates.

Below is a message from Killswitch Engage regarding their postponed tour dates:

“Ok, here’s the deal. Adam and Howard were sick and wanted to do the Brixton show. Once they got to the club, both got to see the local physician. After both seeing the doc the prognosis was Howard had a chest infection, Adam however, was doing much much worse. No way he could do the show, and he was immediately ushered to a nearby hospital. After a series of test, it was decided that Adam would need back surgery again, no more shows, no flying home first, no exceptions. We are pleased to report that he has just left surgery, is doing fine and resting comfortably. Adam and the band appreciate all the messages and concern that everyone has shown. Concerning the rest of the tour, it will continue with Pete Wichers (ex-Soilwork) filling in for Adam on guitar. Adam will be missed, but he wants the tour to go on more than the rest of the band so we will try to miss as few shows as possible, and make up as many as we can. See you shortly and thanks again.”


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