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Metal Hammer Readers Poll.

It’s that time of the year again. The time for Metal Hammer’s Readers Poll. They want to know what you thought were the best and worst things/people of 2006.

All you need to do is fill out the following form, give your answers and email them to Metal Hammer:

Categories are:
Best Band
Best New Band
Best Unsigned Band
Best British Band
Best Album
Band You Loved And Now Hate
Band You Hated And Now Love
Worst band
Worst Album
Man Of The Year
Woman Of The Year
Villain Of The Year
Best Frontperson
Best Guitarist
Best Bassist
Best Drummer
Best Video
Best Song/Single
Best Website
Best Club Night
Your Top Tip For 2007

The results of your votes will be printed in Metal Hammer’s Febuary issue on sale Jan 17th 2007.


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